Bigger Than a Game

Yep, that was the Super Bowl.  Bigger than a game.  This was the fortieth Super Bowl.  (Or "Super Bowl XL"–sounds like more of an event!) 

I actually remember when the planet was spinning and the sun was rising on a world that had no Super Bowl.  Incredibly, I remember the first Super Bowl.  Of course, now things are different.   The game is still played but there is so much more than when it first began.  Special pre-game.  Special half-time.  Special commercials.  All tape delayed for the viewer this year (courtesy of Janet Jackson).  All of that is part of the Super Bowl experience now.  All of that done in one super (not ordinary) afternoon/evening. 

Finally, after laughing through the commercials, checking out half-time, seeing the former MVP’s get introduced, the game is over.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we did watch the game.   It was a tough game.  After all, we had lots of chicken wings to choose from, meat balls, and plenty of tortilla chips.   Not to mention deserts.   Exhausting!

So today is a regular day beginning a regular week.  Most weeks are not "Super" weeks.  They are regular.  Most of us are ordinary people beginning a regular week.   Yet, I think we underestimate just how significant an  ordinary week  might be.  I know I do.

For instance, as I look at my week right now (at least what I have planned or what I anticipate) it looks to be fairly ordinary.  I have some tasks to work on (message and class preparation).  I have some appointments.  There are some calls and e-mails to be made.  All of these things seems very ordinary.  Yet, I know that God will see to it that other things happen that I did not expect.  The following would not be unusual:


  • An unexpected e-mail from someone asking where to get help for a particular problem.
  • A conversation which began as "ordinary" and ended up being an opportunity for encouragement.
  • Message preparation in which I am convicted by what I see in the Bible.
  • A phone call from someone who needs to be reassured that she is not the only one dealing with a particular struggle in her life.
  • An unexpected encounter at lunch, at Wal-Mart, at the coffee place, etc.
  • A family calling to tell me they need some kind of help and have no idea what to do next.


Paul spoke of making "the most of every opportunity" with people (Colossians 4:5).  I want to see these moments as opportunities to be the presence of Jesus.  Far too often, I have completely missed the significance of opportunities like the ones above.  Can you relate?

A few suggestions:


  • Pray that God will make you keenly aware of the opportunity he is bringing your way.  Pray that you will have your eyes open instead of being so wrapped up in the stuff of an ordinary week that you completely miss seeing the situation he brings your way.
  • Take a step toward a person instead of a step away from a person. Too often, we are just too hesitant and even passive.
  • Just be faithful in your little corner of the earth.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we start asking, "What can we do about all these people who struggle with…"  Maybe there is a time to raise such questions.   My greater concern today is be a part of what God desires to do in my little corner of the earth.

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3 thoughts on “Bigger Than a Game

  1. Though my blogs don’t always reflect this, the main reason I do blog daily (except weekends) is so that I will not go through a day and not notice what God has placed in my lap that day.

  2. Thanks Greg–What you said probably reflects what I am wanting to do as well.

    Thanks Ted–Knowing that you received encourement, encourages me as well.