Before You Move On With Another Year

Yesterday, Charlotte and I spent the day in Austin. Much of the time was spent looking for another car. (My Ford Explorer was pronounced “near death” by our local auto repair shop.) We also spent time wandering through various stores, just enjoying the day. At lunch, we enjoyed a delicious pizza at Mandola’s Italian Market, a wonderful place to eat. It was an enjoyable, leisurely way to close out the year, the end of 2009.

So today is January 1, 2010

Before you continue on with life — pause for a moment.


I know. There is nothing magical about a New Year. Yes, we talk about New Year’s resolutions and how those are often broken shortly after we make them. At the same time, the New Year is a wonderful time to pause and reflect on the past (2009) and consider the future (2010). The New Year is a part of the rhythm of our lives. Perhaps this is why I use this time each year to reflect on my life, both where I have been and where I seem to be going.


I would love to hear your response to either/or both of these questions:

*What are you especially thankful for, as you reflect upon 2009?

*What is one of your prayer concerns as you anticipate 2010?

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4 thoughts on “Before You Move On With Another Year

  1. As I reflect on 2009, I am especially thankful for the heritage my parents left me. This is especially poignant for me this year, as we lost Mother just this past November. I am missing her today. For the last few years, I’ve had her over on New Year’s day to share a simple meal of black-eyed peas and cornbread (at least in the south, it’s considered to bring good luck to eat black-eyed peas on NY’s day). She never sat down to a meal I had prepared without saying, “You just can’t get food like this in a restaurant!” Also, I am missing her today because I just completed an afghan I’ve been crocheting for my expected granddaughter and I wish my mother was here to see it and “brag” on it. She and my father were both so affirming of anything I did. I’m missing her affirming presence this year, but immensely grateful for the effect it’s had on my life.
    One of my prayer concerns as I anticipate 2010 has to do with growing to be a more positive, affirming person myself so that I will leave the same kind of heritage to my children and grandchildren.

    • Connie, what an important time for you as you remember the simple gifts of your very gracious mother. As you quoted her, I could just hear her voice. You honor her as you desire to pass on to your own children/grandchildren some of the ways that God used her. She was a wonderful person who spoke words of encouragement on more than one occasion through the years.

  2. It was a difficult year in many respects and I’ve had to trust God in ways I’ve never had to trust God. I’m particularly thankful for my wife’s faith! As I anticipate this new year, I will pray about the same as I’ve ever prayed … struggling with prayer. It’s one of my life-long challenges.

    • Greg, as I read your comment re prayer, I thought about how so much of our walk with God involves discipline. Yet, what you say here is so important. While you struggle with prayer, you go on praying. There is something to be said for this. Thanks.