Before I Speak

One real mark of wisdom is having a sense for what is appropriate given the situation. Perhaps you were present in a moment where someone said something that was totally inappropriate for the occasion. I remember being in a funeral home once and someone began a conversation that really didn’t fit the occasion. I cringed as the person seemed to go on and on with way too much loud chatter.

A few questions I might ask when I am in conversation with another:

Is this a time to listen and say very little?

Is this a time to show empathy?

Is this a time to simply be present?

Is this a time to express words of encouragement?

I don’t always know what to say in any given situation. However, I have learned the value of at least exploring in my mind (and even in prayer) what might be fitting and appropriate.

Doing this may help you really be present with another, fully engaged, regardless of the occasion.

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