Be Our Strength

RayHardin.jpgThe following post is a prayer written by Ray Hardin for his Bible class.  This and other prayers were recently published in a book entitled Be Our Strength.  The following prayer is titled the same, "Be Our Strength."

We need you Lord

More than we think we do.

For too often

we say we seek your face,

we say we need your strength,

we say we honor your name,

But it is so very difficult,

for us to stop

trusting in ourselves.


Even when we know

and acknowledge that

our vision is limited,

our endurance slight,

our perspective biased,

we are loathe to

turn loose the reins of our lives

and depend

on you.


Help us today, Lord,

to let go.

To admit our weakness 

and to glory in

your power.

And give us, Lord, the

words and thoughts

to thank you

for being our


through all the

seasons of 

our lives

when we believed 

we were

in control.  

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