Back from Alabama

We got back from Alabama on Tuesday evening.  I had some vacation time left and am very grateful for a break at the end of the year.  I always enjoy returning the Florence area.  We spent almost eight years there with a wonderful church.  The Lord taught me a great deal during those early years.  I am also thankful for all that I learned through so many people.  They were patient.   

What did we do during the Christmas week?  Eat.  Do Fire works.  (Or as my little nephew says, "the pow-pows).  Watch football games.  And of course, there is the annual touch football game (the touch part is only theory.  My oldest daughter is pretty rough).  Anyway, it is usually the old guys against the "cousins."  They score more touchdowns but we keep score and so always win.

I always look forward to seeing old friends and running into people who I did not expect to see.  The other night we were with friends at a restaurant.  We were seated at a large table, kind of in the middle of things.  Seated in a booth nearby was a young couple and two small children.  She turned out to be "Michelle" who was a part of College Church during the years in which we were there.  It was the first time that we had seen her since we left 14 years ago.  She was a freshman in college (I think) and now a young mother in her early thirties (Sorry if I missed that!).  Anyway, it was such a pleasant surprise to see her after all of these years.

I am so thankful for such good memories of some wonderful years… (ok–not all of it was wonderful.  I just enjoy remembering it that way!)

(The picture above is from Ivy Green, the birthplace of Helen Keller, which is very close to the Florence area).

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