Away and Now Back


Those of you who read this blog regularly have probably noticed that I have posted very little in the last week.   

On Thursday evening through Saturday morning, I attended the Lipscomb University Conference on Preaching. Speakers included Scot McKnight, Tom Long, Tremper Longman, Richard Ward, and Dave Bland. I really enjoy this conference. The subject was the Wisdom literature (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, etc.). For two days, we were immersed in this literature by some of the best scholars and authors on these books. The conference was also very, very practical.

This was not only a good time to learn and grow in this area, but it was also a great time to see friends. I saw friends at this conference I rarely get to see but who mean so much to me.

Then, Sunday evening through Tuesday, I was in Kerrville, Texas, at the Mentoring Partners Retreat (Mentor Network ministry). This is a ministry that was founded by Lynn Anderson a number of years ago. Through Mentor Network, hundreds of ministers and other church leaders have been mentored, counseled, and encouraged by Lynn Anderson and/or other Mentoring Partners. It was good to be with Lynn and Carolyn Anderson for a few days as well as the others, who are church leaders from across the country.   

I typically do not schedule seminars/conferences back to back. However, I made an exception for these two events. They are very valuable to me. I encourage you, if you are interested, to look at the Lipscomb University Conference on Preaching website or the Mentor website.

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