August Days

River_2My friend just e-mailed me.  My daughter has been visiting the church where he preaches.  Last Sunday morning, she met him for the first time.  He sent a note to me this afternoon.  His first words were,


Your daughter is lovely!

OK…You don’t think those opening words grabbed this father’s attention (and heart)?  In fact, I read those words again.   As far as this dad is concerned, he could have said that about either one of my girls and he would have been dead-on-right. 

Right now I’m sitting in Panera Bread.  We had a big storm in Waco last night and it knocked out the e-mail/Internet system at the office.  So–I ended up working here some today. Free Wi-fi and that is a good thing today!  It has rained and rained the last 24 hours.  Pretty unusual for Central Texas in August.  President Bush is at his ranch in Crawford (about a 30 minute drive from where I’m sitting).  He is here every August about this time.  Normally, it is hot.  Oven hot!  I understand the heat and dust has been a subject of much discussion for the press corp assigned to the President.  Not so this year.  It has been a very nice week.

Now what did he say again?  Oh yeah, "Your daughter is lovely!"  What a smart guy…

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