At The End of A Long Week

SausalitodowntownThe Terrie Schiavo story will continue.  This story will probably fuel debate (hopefully, thoughtful and reasoned) in our nation over a number of issues.  Hopefully, as Christians, we can think through all of this Christianly and not let extremists (in this case, on both sides) determine or shape what we think. 

Perhaps you never were able to read very much regarding this story over the last few weeks.  I have found the St. Petersburg Times to have some very balanced and measured stories.  They have an entire web page dedicated to this story.  There are many stories that you will not find elsewhere.  I first became aware of this newspaper’s coverage through the Get-Religion site.  The first article I read was about her final hours.   

The primary emotion I felt throughout this entire ordeal was sadness.   However, I also felt great concern for the way some Christians express and defend their convictions.

Is it not possible to express our convictions without appearing to be ready to kill the person who we are addressing?

If two Christians disagree, must we assume the worst possible motive on the part of the person with whom we disagree?

It is right to have strong convictions.  Christians have an opportunity to be a powerful witness in this world, even as we engage in vigorous debate.  That witness, however, will be severely diluted if the world only remembers the venom of our words.

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One thought on “At The End of A Long Week

  1. Amen! It’s getting harder and harder to have sympathy for anyone in that fracas. I do not see how Terri is honored in any of this family feud. It does remind me of the church sometimes, though. I guess I’m getting a glimpse of how the world sees the church when we’re fighting one another. It’s always ugly.