Are You Living With a Lasting Purpose?

Dscf1723They were big, juicy, and plump this year.  This peach, and scores of others, were on our peach tree last week.  Charlotte made a wonderful cobbler.  I get excited every year when there are actually peaches growing on these trees. 

Last night in our life Group, we talked about our purpose for living.  (Which is to glorify God in all things.)  I love our group and come away blessed.  Our group consists of human, sinful, people who live inconsistent lives.  Yet, I believe that we genuinely want to live as Christ-followers.  We do a whole lot better with one another than going at it alone.

Last night we challenged one another to live each day this week more conscious of our purpose.  We talked for a few minutes about our eternal purpose (which, by the way, will bring a fresh boldness into our lives–much like the church in Acts).

Next Sunday evening, we will talk about how we did this week.  (Think about this, along with our group).

Did I remember my purpose this week?

  • when I was frustrated with a certain person at work?
  • when I made financial decisions?
  • in the way I related to the guy I’m dating?
  • when I experienced intense temptation?
  • when I was tempted to talk badly about a person at church?
  • when got up in the morning?
  • when I counseled my child on what is important in life?
  • when I selected my entertainment?
  • in the way I handled that error on a customer’s order?
  • when I was tempted to lie about the house we are trying to sell?
  • in the way I drove on I35?
  • when a few people at the golf course began to tell racist jokes?

No you won’t have a perfect week.  Yet, I believe that we will live more consistently as a Christ follower if we will remember our purpose for being alive in the first place.  I need to consciously do that every day.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Living With a Lasting Purpose?

  1. Jim, Christine and I had a long discussion about this very topic last night and this morning. It is really neat that your blog is focused on that this morning. It was very encouraging for me to read. We have challenged each other to “leave it better than I found it” this week.