Announcement: God-Hungry Live

coffee35.jpgToday marks the launch of a partner site for this blog: "God-Hungry Live."  God-Hungry Live will feature various videos of men and women whose speaking or writing is, in some way, of interest to me.   


Some of these video clips are quite short.  Others are full-length interviews or messages.  As of today, these videos include clips or interviews by some of the following people:

Eugene Peterson

Scot McKnight

Tim Keller

Philip Yancey

Gordon MacDonald

C. S. Lewis

Frederick Buechner

N. T. Wright

Kathleen Norris

Gary Thomas

Ruth Haley Barton

Alister McGrath

I want to encourage you to go to the site and look around.  You can either click on the link God-Hungry Live, or you can go to the sidebar of this blog.  Look near the top under the "about" section.  Note the words "(New) God-Hungry Live."

Many of you are very familiar with YouTube videos.  If you are not, simply find the video that seems interesting to you and double-click on the picture.  In seconds the video will begin.  For a full list of the videos available on God-Hungry Live, look at the top of the page and find the word "playlists."  Double click and you should see a list of the videos available.

Periodically, I will add to this page videos that are of interest to me in some way.  Some of the videos presently on this site will eventually be replaced by others. 


Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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8 thoughts on “Announcement: God-Hungry Live

  1. Liam,Thank you very much.  I enjoyed putting it together and will enjoy its usefulness.I am doing well and enjoying the beginning of summer.  Always good to hear from you. 

  2. L.L.I wanted a place where I could place some of these videos and know that they were in one place.  I will still place a YouTube here (I am about to do a series with a video each week) but then the video will move to the God-Hungry Live page.Thanks L.L.