An Honest Cry

You might be interested in a book that was just released. An Honest Cry: Sermons from the Psalms in Honor of Prentice A. Meador Jr. is a book dedicated to the memory of a man who touched many.   

This book is a compilation of sermons on the Psalms. Each writer was impacted by Prentice in some way. The book opens with a very interesting and insightful chapter by his son, Mark. There are sermons in this book by Bob Chisholm, Royce Money, Jack Reese, Gary Holloway, Landon Saunders, Mike Cope, Chris Seidman, David Rubio, Scott Sager, Tom A. Jones, Collin Packer, Harold Hazelip, Lynn Anderson, Rick Atchley, Jennings Davis, Ken Durham, John York, and Tim Spivey.

My own contribution to this book is a sermon based on Psalm 73 and entitled “What’s the Use?” Meador.jpg

Prentice Meador was an encourager, a mentor, and a guide to me and so many others. I learned by watching him, being with him on various occasions, and listening to his preaching. He would occasionally call me to tell me that he had recommended me to a church. Was that ever encouraging to a young minister! On other occasions, he called to encourage me about my preaching or something I had written. About fifteen years ago, after learning that I had major surgery, he called me while I was still in the hospital and prayed with me over the phone. That meant so much to me.

Not long after moving to Waco almost seventeen years ago, I began having lunches with Prentice, usually a few times a year. No matter how busy he was, he always seemed to be fully present during these times. He was patient as I asked question after question about ministry. These lunches and numerous telephone calls were encouraging times for me. I am so thankful.   

The book is published by Leafwood Publishers and can be purchased here.   

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6 thoughts on “An Honest Cry

  1. I never met Prentice, but I enjoyed hearing him at lectures. I look forward to this book. I have mined the Psalms for many sermons through the years and it’s one of my “most studied” books in Scripture. It will be interesting to see how some of my favorite preachers, including yourself, deal with these passages.

  2. I knew Prentice more by reputation generated by the high regard of others who knew him intimately. I had occasion to meet him once or twice, and I appreciated the kindness and attention he gave to a question I put to him once regarding a subject close to my heart. I am looking forward to owning a copy of the new book and reading what I am confident (judging by the contributors) is a superb collection of sermons on my favorite book in the Hebrew canon.

    • Steve, thanks for this comment. Thanks also for the remark regarding your interaction with Prentice. I am not surprised to hear of the kindness and attention that he gave you. It is good to hear this, however. A very gracious man.