Am I Doing What Really Matters?

This is Saturday.  This morning we are going to eat breakfast with good friends.  Afterward, we will be doing what can usually be done only on Saturday.  Cleaning up.  Catching up.  Running errands.

Most of all it is a day to regroup. 


As I think about it, "regrouping" is a theme in my life right now.  I am not sure how to explain or talk about this.  Yet, I sense I am regrouping.  Just a few things that are different at this point in my life:

1.  I care less about propping up someone else’s insecurities. I care more about encouraging people who feel defeated.

2.  I care less about succeeding.  I care more about living a significant life and doing what really counts.

3.  I care less about appearing to be current.  I care more about paying attention to things that are lasting and have withstood the test of time.

4.  I care less about appearing to be busy for the sake of my ego.  I care more about making the most of each day.

The other day, I was thinking about a man who I admired for many years.  He died almost a decade ago.  When he was alive, he had a schedule, concerns, appointments, etc.  He had an office with books, a desk, a telephone, and chairs.  Now his life on this earth is over.

He has no schedule.  No phone.  No desk.  No appointments.  I rarely hear his name unless it is from family members or people he influenced in earlier years.  His office is now occupied by another.  This man too has books, a desk, a telephone, and chairs.  His life too will one day be over.

This world will go on with out me.  The church I am with will go on without me.  What will last are my relationships.  What will last is the love I have invested in my wife and children.  What will last is the encouragement I have given to other people.  That is all the work of God.  That is what really counts.

So–as I prepare for a new week, I want to make sure that the week doesn’t just get busy or hectic.  I want to make sure that I am investing my life in something that matters.

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