Always Ready to Connect

All I got was a busy signal.

That is what I got when I tried to call Charlotte in Alabama.  She and Jamie have been there for a few days.  No matter how many times I dialed the her phone, all I could get was this busy signal.  I finally decided to quit.  Within just a few minutes, Charlotte called.  In a very calm voice, she asked me about my day.   I answered her and then said, "I’ve been trying to call you but the telephone has been busy."  She said, "That’s funny, no one has been on the telephone all evening."


I don’t know what the problem was.  All I know is that I was trying to connect with her and it was impossible.


Do you know that describes the situations of a lot of people find themselves?


  • A son who longs to be connected with his dad. 
  • A daughter who longs to be connected with her mother.
  • A friend who longs to be connected with a certain friend.


So what happens is that this person puts himself "out there" at times. 


  • "Hey dad, let’s go to a game together."
  • "Mom, let’s spend the day shopping and then I will take you to a wonderful place for lunch."
  • "Why don’t we get together for lunch next week?" (From a friend).


Maybe this goes on for awhile, where one person makes herself vulnerable, hoping to enjoy a relationship with mom, dad, or that friend.  You  try and try and don’t seem to get anywhere.  Finally, you may begin to feel foolish (and hurt) for wanting a relationship this badly in the first place.


So, many people deal with this by lowering  their expectations.  ("If I don’t expect much, I can’t get hurt)".  You’ve called and called and all you got was a busy signal.


I believe that much of my life, my expectations of people were far too high.  Meanwhile, my expectations of God were far too low.  So, I hesitated to ask God to do the impossible while I expected everyone to come through.  I realize at this point in my life that on this earth, lots of us are going to be disappointed by people.  Dad may never give you the "well done" that you long to hear.  Mom may never connect with you as a friend.  You may be the one who always has to take the inititive with certain friends.  Yes, all of this may be disappointing, hurtful, etc.  Yet, I believe this is a reality of life.


Jesus himself will never gives me or anyone else who seeks him a busy signal.  He is not just interested in going to church with me or being with me when I read the Bible.  He doesn’t love me more when I am doing "ministry things."  No, he desires to be with me (and you) no matter what I am doing.


Jesus is the one who desires relationship with you and me  more than we will ever desire to be with him.  His longing for us is just that strong.    

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5 thoughts on “Always Ready to Connect

  1. “Jesus is the one who desires relationship with you and me more than we will ever desire to be with him. His longing for us is just that strong.”
    That’s amazing!

  2. Jim,

    Wow. Very well put. Saw it tonight at the human level with my oldest son. He was just kind of hanging around so I asked if he wanted to play a boardgame.

    We had a fantastic time!

    He’s asked in the past when I couldn’t (he asked 5 minutes before bed or a night I had to be away from the house) – it bugged me. He was trying to connect with me and I was “too busy”, so tonight I decided to do the thing I know he wanted to do because I did have the time.

    The time we spent was precious….and now you’ve challenged me on connecting with my Heavenly Father.

    Thanks – Russ