Access Suspended

The other day, I sent a note to a few friends regarding some new posts on this blog.  After all, some people do not read this blog or any other blog on a regular basis and I thought some  of these new posts might be of interest.


Within twenty minutes after sending this note, I received one telephone call and three e-mails from people telling me they could not get into this blog.  They typed in the address (which I included in the note) but could get no farther than the following message which appeared on their screens:


Access Suspended


What!  I couldn’t figure this out until I realized I had sent the wrong blog address to these people (I had omitted my last name).  So the address didn’t work.


I am so glad that has never happened to me when I prayed.  What if you were to bow your head to pray and as soon as you uttered the words, "Dear Father…", you received this message:


Access Suspended


"What!  Did I mess up too much?  Have I made God angry?  Did he get tired of me asking forgiveness for something I have already prayed about?  Does he not think I am trying to live right?  What’s going on?"


No, I am thankful he is present through his Spirit (living in me) and available as the Father who hears my prayers.   I am thankful I never receive this message from God. 


At times, I do find prayer to be difficult.  But my struggle with prayer is never because he has suspended my access to Himself.  No, he is available, willing, helpful, etc.  God desires to hear me when I approach him in prayer.


Occasionally, I will place an order with Land’s End.  I have been a customer for many years.  I have noticed when I call their 800 number, that they immediately answer.  I mean a real, live, human being answers.  No computer asking you to punch any number from 1-9 depending on what you need.  No listening to recording after recording.  Instead, a pleasant person answers almost immediately ready to assist me in what I need. 


When I pray, God leans in to hear.  He doesn’t put me on hold.  Instead,  he desires to hear what is on my heart.  God cares about the thoughts and intentions of my heart.


OK–so maybe what I am saying is nothing new.  In fact, you may be ready to move on to whatever blog you might read next.   Maybe I should tell you that I am actually writing this for myself.  I need to be reminded  (and I guess this is my reminder) that God is listening to me.  More than that, God is leaning in to hear me.  He is interested in what is happening in my life–and yours. 


God–who cherishes me (and you), cares and listens with concern when I pray.  Today, that is good news!

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11 thoughts on “Access Suspended

  1. Go ahead and keep writing for yourself. I find it very therepuetic (sp?) And if others get a blessing, that much the better!

  2. Great post Jim, it never hurts to be reminded that God is always listening to us. By the way, I read one of your blogs in class last night. Hope you dont mind, it just fit. Sharon

  3. Sharon,
    Thanks!–I agree, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded about God’s care and concern.

    Feel free to use these in class or anywhere else they might be helpful.

  4. I appreciate the “Lands End” story and the fact that we have God’s 1-800 number. I am amazed that we are able to talk directly to the one that created the heavens and Earth, parted the sea for Moses and the Father of Jesus. We are truly blessed to be able to talk to God.