I know of parents who have abandoned their children.  Some of these teens have plenty of money.  But mom and dad have moved on with their lives.  Now that this child is 15 or 16, she is allowed to bascially do what she wants. 


These parents have stopped being parents.  I don’t get it.


  • The parents who buy alcohol for their teenagers and their friends and then throw the parties themselves.
  • The parents who know their children are having sex and it doesn’t seem to matter to them.  Like the family who went on an overnight camping trip and told their son that he could bring his girlfriend.  After sitting around the campfire, mom and dad then announced that the boy and his girlfriend could sleep in a nearby tent.
  • The parents who are more concerned with being "cool" parents than mature parents (much less Godly).  This was what a mother said who recently went to jail after admitting to having sex with several of her daughter’s friends–high school boys.


These are just a few example of parents who abandon their roles as moral examples and guides.  Mom and Dad may be on the way there when they do the following:


  • Never allow your child to face consequences.  You take care of the situation.  You pay their traffic tickets.  Was his cell phone bill too high?  Fuss at him and then you pay it off.    Did you child not prepare?  Then you do her term paper the night before. 
  • Never make your child wait for anything. " Why save your money?  Why wait to buy?  If you want a CD, buy it now!  Can’t afford an iPod and want it now?  Get your parents to buy it for you."  Of course– don’t expect your kid to wait to have sex.  He or she probably won’t–not if she or he has been taught that gratification should come immediately.
  • Never follow through.  Yell and scream.  Fuss and threaten.  But in the in–give in.
  • Put your own comfort before your child’s good.  If it is too much trouble to deal with it, just ignore it. 
  • If "all the kids have it" then your kid will have it.  Consequently, your child gets most everything that she wants.
  • Always run interference for your child.  Your child is not responsible.  Blame it on the coaches.  Blame it on the teachers.  Blame it on his friends.  Blame it on the church.
  • Expect your child to fail.  This parent has very low expectations of his child.  "All kids are going to drink.  All kids are going to have sex. All kids are going to break the law, cheat, lie, etc."  The child hears these messages.  Mom and Dad have assume that this child will fail.


Being a parent is hard work.  It requires a lot of grace.  However, the last thing that our children need is for their parents to abandon the hard work of being a parent.

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