A Slice of Life

MorningcoffeeA few days ago, I watched a few clips off the Internet.  Yesterday, over the telephone, I suggested to my friend, Doug, that he look at the website.  In the meantime, they launched the network itself.  I watched about an hour this evening.

I am talking about the new network, "Current.tv".   In the mainstream news, this is the network that has been referred to as "Al Gore’s network."  (There are a number of other significant investors as well).  When I heard this, I assumed that this was probably some sort of political network.  Wrong.

This is a network where amateurs behind a video camera take pictures of some interest or slice of life.  These videos last from 15 seconds to 15 minutes.  I found several of them to be fascinating (and of course, a few were not).  I will probably spend a few minutes at this network again.  (This is located at 366–Direct TV.  I think Time-Warner cable carries this as well).

It just reminds me of how different–how unique we all are.   And isn’t that interesting…

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