A Question About Dads

dad heartI’m curious.

Many people grow up with memories of a father relationship that was less than adequate.  I’ve heard many stories of some fathers being emotionally and/or physically absent.  Other fathers regularly made critical remarks to their children and had no significant relationship with them.

In your experience, how does emotional absence and even disconnection, by a father, impact a young son or daughter?

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3 thoughts on “A Question About Dads

  1. I think that the absence of a father emotionally or physically in a young daughter or son’s life will have many effects many of them lasting for the rest of their life. I think a big result of absence is there is a hole that will constantly be needing to be filled and hopefully that child will fill that hole with God and other people that love and support them.

  2. This is excellent! I appreciate the way you remind us that absence, either emotionally, physically, or both, has long lasting effects on a child’s life – even into adulthood. The result of such an absence leaves a void that can be filled by God. Unfortunately, some people spend many, many years living out of their pain and emptiness instead.

    Thanks Christine for this very insightful comment.

  3. I think when fathers fail their sons.
    the sons don’t grow up to be men.
    part of them are left as little boys.
    still yearning for love, direction and hope. They then can’t care sufficiently for their sons.

    its a sin to not care for your child.
    if you have read this. please reach out and care for yours