A Note From “Tech Support”

pray.jpgLast week, I wrote on this blog about a conversation with "tech support," a person whom I talked with on Monday evening.  (The post is entitled: "I Prayed For You.") She asked me to pray for her.  After posting this story, many of you indicated your willingness to pray for her.  She sent the following note as a comment yesterday.  I am including this comment in today’s post because of the nature of this note.  I also thought that some of you might like to write to her via e-mail, as she includes her address here.


yesterday was my 29th bday, nobody remembered it but i know God does, i
wasn’t able to go to church yesterday because i have to go to work, i
prayed & thanked him before i slept last night, i thanked him for
the opportunity that i meet Jim that day because he guided me back to
God’s path…it was almost 7 months ago when i last prayed to God, i
started back the day i ended the call with Jim, it’s very hard to face
& bear all the problems i have alone, i have no one to talk to about
it, im an only child & a loner, i tried suicide last year to escape
it all & i hated God when he let me live, but after reading all the
post on this blog, i asked God’s forgiveness…I thank you Jim &
everybody who prayed for me for opening my eyes & letting me
realize that God loves me still & i am also his child…thank you all
very much….my email is kiarra_louise@yahoo.com  i
would like to hear from you, i want to know more about God’s words… i
maybe good in computers & networking devices but i only know John
3:16 as a verse in the bible ( is it from the old or new testament?)… 

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