A New Week

Cup_cream Last night, we ate Chinese food with some good friends.  A good time together.  I think that I have picked up a phrase from my friend (the husband half of this couple).  He often says (regarding something that has happened during the day) "And that’s a good thing".  I find myself using this phrase as well.

"And that’s a good thing"

  • My mother-in-law’s health is improving.
  • Two sweet daughters who express their love in many ways.
  • Charlotte and her patience (with me :).
  • A number of people from church have expressed to me this week they are glad that we are back. (That’s reassuring!)
  • Kind people who are helping with Christine’s wedding.
  • Having good health.
  • Reading a very inspirational biography about Charles Colson (A Life Redeemed).
  • Big, beautiful peaches this week from the tree in our backyard.
  • Air conditioning when it is 100 degrees outside.
  • A wonderful 78 year old woman at church who told Charlotte how glad she is to be alive (a wonderful encourager!).
  • A couple of encouragers who are new readers of this blog wrote encouraging notes to last week.
  • The people who I work with in the office during the week who encourage me and serve a lot of people.

That’s enough for now.  I want to learn to look for the "good thing" each day.  I suspect that I often pass them by while I zero in on the on thing that troubles me.  I want this week to be different.

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One thought on “A New Week

  1. My friend Patti often recounts “two good things” as she reflects on her day. That is an admirable habit. Unfortunately, I’m often in the habit of recounting “ten terrible things”. There are both in all of our days. What we choose to see and reflect upon will either help us or hurt us. Good post!