A Little Sentimental Today


I am probably more sentimental than I care to admit.  More accurately, I am probably more sentimental than I realize.  The other night was Jamie’s last home volleyball game.  The last one.  It was a good game.  We did lose.  But—it was the last home game.  It was parent’s night.  You go out on the court. They introduce you and you get a rose from your daughter.      

Now there are some "last’s" that I won’t miss.  I will not miss open house at the school.  I will not miss school meetings.  I will not miss signing permission slips.  I will not miss dues and fees.  But–I will miss volleyball.  Sitting with great parents.  Hugging kids afterwards.  Just the joy of being with my child.

I have to admit.  I didn’t understand the significance of "last" until our oldest had graduated.  I watched others go through it, but I didn’t understand.

Of course there are things more important on this earth than a volleyball game.  It is not the sport.  It is just the experience of being with my child through something that she has worked very hard for.

Again, I am realizing that my time with my children is not forever. 

Am I giving my child memories of an available, connected, encouraging Dad?  (or Mom)

Am I giving my child memories of a Dad who loved her mother and who was faithful to the promises that he made?

Am I giving my child the knowledge of the Gospel both by example and by words?  Does my child see in me a consistent witness of what I claim to believe?

Am I leaving my child sweet memories of laughter and joy at home?

Am I passing on to my child a passion (what we might have called "urgency" in former years) for Jesus?

Am I leaving my child with memories of a Dad/Mom who dared to be different?  Did she see that her Dad/Mom tried to do what was right even when no one was looking?

Ok, I know.  This is just life.  This is something that every parent goes through.  I know that there are many more joyful moments to come.  Still, I don’t think that I am old enough to have kids that are growing up!   

I guess that I just want to savor this. 


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