A Little Reality

Yesterday, my computer went down–way down!  The screen went black and then there was nothing.  Absolutely nothing!  The good news is that it is under warranty.  The bad news is that it is now in the mail on the way to Sony land.

About two hours after this happened, I taught the first class in a series on Marriage/Family.  For a number of reasons, I find it very difficult to teach this kind of class.  It is not because I can’t put together some material for a 45 minutes class.  That’s not it.

I find it difficult because I want to teach a class like this with integrity.  I can’t talk to these people like an expert on marriage.  I am right in the middle of marriage myself.  As I tell people, it is wonderful but it is hard work.  It is not easy and I  don’t always do this very well.  There are days when I don’t think I am a very good husband.  (When the girls were home, there were days when I didn’t think I was a very good father). 

I also find it difficult to teach a class like this because I am very aware of a lot of the pain in a class like this.  I have talked with a lot of people through the years and specifically a lot of people in Waco.  Many of these people make up our church.  Many are people in the community who for whatever reason, I have come in contact with.  I’ve heard stories–lots of stories.  I feel honored that for whatever reason, people chose to tell me part of their story.  Many of these stories are inspiring.  These are the stories of people who overcame and who trusted God.  Some of these stories men and women who found Jesus and who surrendered to him in faith and baptism.

So many of these stories are stories of pain. 

  • Being abandoned emotionally
  • Physical and emotional abuse
  • Betrayal by a spouse
  • Swindled by a trusted friend
  • A parent or spouse who spends much of life drinking or drugging
  • Parents who are heartbroken over the choices of their children
  • Children who is heartbroken over the choices of their parents

I have heard these stories for many, many years.  Yet, everytime I sit down with another person or hear it over the telephone, it is so real and unique.  When I am teaching a class, I will sometimes think about these people who are listening and the pain they have or are experiencing.

All of this is humbling and causes me to depend upon God for what I am unable to supply.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Reality

  1. You said: “All of this is humbling and causes me to depend upon God for what I am unable to supply.”

    I think that it is because you dont pretend to be an expert that so many people trust and confide in you. And I belive that THE EXPERT works thru you to help you say the right things! I think you are doing a good job!

  2. KC–
    Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Your words are also a reminder to me to remember the source of true wisdom and competence.