What People Who Live Well Do Differently

livewellWhat do people who live well do differently?  What do the people who finish well do that others don’t seem to do? What do men and women do that so many others seem to ignore or pay little attention to?

People who live well live in the present instead of the past.  Yes, they may have had hard times in the past but they learn to move on.   They may have experienced recent successes but they don’t keep reminding others of the way life used to be for them.  People who live well learn to lean into the future while they learn to navigate the present.

People who live well don’t keep making the same mistakes that have derailed so many other people.  Satan would like for us to believe that we can play with fire and somehow everything will be all right. 

  • A young married woman is paying a lot of attention to a male co-worker who is single.  She reminds herself that she has done nothing wrong and she is just enjoying the mutual attraction.
  • A college student roams through porn sites nightly.  He tells himself that he is really not a bad person and no one is getting hurt.
  • A woman in her 40s has been taking office supplies from her work and bringing them home.  She tells herself that the company has other areas of waste and they sure won’t miss a few items.

People who live well learn from the mistakes of others.

People who live well behave in a way that is gracious and kind.  Far too many people “pose” in the presence of outsiders, yet treat those closest to them in an unkind manner.  Some people pose as someone who is thoughtful and kind, unless they are dealing with their spouse or parents.  Others pose as generous, if they want to make a good impression on people whose opinion they care about.  

People who live well, put the growth of their character above their physical appearance.  They know that good character is far more important than any public facade.  One may be stunningly beautiful on the outside while on the inside his or her character is hollow.  These people are transparent, open and above board.  Manipulation and scheming are not traits that characterize them.

People who live well treat others very well.  They are people who are gracious, honorable, and full of integrity.  When you are with these people you can know that regardless of the issue, you will be treated well.   

People who live well constantly learn from others.  They listen and draw wisdom from others who are important to them.  They ask others questions and learn.

People who live well are not focused on themselves and their own stories.  They don’t talk on and on about their issues, problems, and situations and then ignore the lives of their friends.  They ask good questions of others in conversations and then listen well.  

People who live well learn to love God and love others.  They know that life is found in God.  These are people who know that reading the Bible, praying, and participating in a host of spiritual disciplines can keep one’s heart soft and malleable so that God can continue to shape and form them. 

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