699 People!


What a great number! That is how many people came to the Crestview Community Center last night from the Waco area to register to be a possible bone marrow donor.

We are in the middle of a story at our church. This is a story about a young couple, Susan and Van who love Jesus and have a heart for his mission. They have three very young children.

Susan has an urgent need for a bone marrow transplant.

So far in the National Marrow Donor Program, there is not a match. Last night Scott & White Healthcare conducted a bone marrow drive at Crestview Community Center (next door to our main building). The situation regarding Susan and her health had been heavily publicized by a local CBS affiliate (KWTX), our local newspaper, and many, many people through Facebook and e-mail.

Last evening was such a wonderful moment for the Waco community and Crestview Church. Hundreds came from throughout McLennan County. Our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and many others who simply heard about the need, came together for a great cause. It was an evening for the church and community to give to such an important cause.

Last night, we witnessed a community join together with an eagerness to give. People simply wanted to make a difference. A few examples:

  • One woman was there with her friend. They had heard about Susan through the local television news. One said, “We just thought we would see if we could help.”
  • Another was asked if she knew this family. “No, I don’t know them. I have children, however, and I see that she has three children. I had to do something.”
  • One woman and her fellow teachers drove 45 minutes to be a part of the drive.
  • Some physicians made a 40-minute drive from nearby Hillsboro.
  • One high school girl told me, “This is so awesome. I hope they find a match.”
  • One man said that he hurried over after helping to coach a team. He said that when he got to the church building and saw that the front parking lot was full, his eyes filled with tears.

What we witnessed last evening will be remembered as one of our congregation’s finest moments. Even more importantly, it was an evening when we witnessed the grace of God.

May God be praised.

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2 thoughts on “699 People!

  1. That is truly exciting and I rejoice with you all! May a proper match be found and the transplant be successful! God bless your whole community for such an outpouring of love that’s willing to sacrifice!