5 Ways to Jump Start Your Day

Every morning, you and have the opportunity to jump start our day.  Yet, far too many people waste this opportunity.  The following are five practices that have been helpful to me.  I am not prescribing these to you.  Rather, I am simply describing what has been helpful to me.  Perhaps one or more of these might be helpful to you as well.

*Start the day with what feeds your soul.  It can tempting to immediately start checking my phone or computer.  Yet, I have that beginning the day with a cup of coffee next to my open Bible really makes a difference.  I read, with yellow highlighter in hand, ready to highlight words and phrase that are meaningful to me.

*Start the day with prayer.  I pray for the days events and the various people who I plan to interact with.  I pray for my wife, my children, and grandchildren.  I find that when I pray more, I tend to worry less.

*Start the day with mapping out the day.  I work with the daily pages in the Self Journal.  It doesn’t matter what kind of planner you use.  The main point is to be intentional about the day before you are suddenly in the middle of it.

*Start the day before morning.  In other words, start the night before.  If I know what I will wear the next day, that is very helpful.  If I have already gathered my things to take with me the next morning, that also is helpful.  In fact, whatever I can do to help me prepare the night can be incredibly helpful to jumpstarting the day.

*Start the day by choosing to be grateful.  Yes, it can be difficult when you are faced with tough challenges.  It can be tempting to be focused on the negative and to complain.  I have found that when I began complaining, things only seem more bleak and all I can see is what is wrong.  I have learned that no matter what, I can be grateful to God for something.  That often keeps me going.

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