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Google’s astounding new search tool will answer any question by reading thousands of books” in Quartz (April 14, 2018) by Anne Quito.  This is interesting.  Try asking a few questions to Talk to Books.  I have done a search or two using this technology and the results made me want to come back.

World View” in Comment (March 1, 2018) by James K.A. Smith.  This column is one reason why I subscribe to Comment.  In this particular issue, he talks about his travels (most of these are apparently speaking engagements.)  Some places are well known.  Many others are not.  In this particular issue, he speaks with such endearment and respect toward the locations that he has visited.  I find this very engaging and refreshing.  (Far too often, in my opinion, writers will speak of small, out of the way places almost condescendingly with little, if any, appreciation for what they offer.)

If you happen to read the above article by Smith, don’t miss his fine editorial in the same issue,  “EDITORIAL: Is The University Worth Saving?

10 Ways to Prepare for a TED Style Talk” by Nancy Duarte.  Let me tell you — I read everything Nancy Duarte writes about preparing talks, communication, etc.  She is one of the finest communication professionals you will fine anywhere today.  I have been reading her for a number of years.


For the last week, I have been reading Leadership in Ministry: Bowen Theory in the Congregational Context (edited by Israel Galindo).   This is a fine book which you will probably enjoy if you enjoy the works of Edwin Friedman, Peter Steinke, and Margaret Marcuson.


Don’t miss this one!  “Learn How to Fold a World-Record-Setting Paper Airplane” in Wired (March 30, 2018).  Don’t miss the video!

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