41 Things Parents Ought to Know (Part 4 of 4)

31.  Every child is raised by an imperfect parent.  As a parent, I can’t fulfill my child’s deepest needs.  Only God can.  He is the only perfect parent.


32.  Children need hope.  They need to see how mom and dad deal with disappointment.  They need to see that their parents can experience disappointment, but that does not destroy hope for the future.


33.  The mature should lead the immature.  Nothing is wrong with children being immature.  Of course they are!  They are children.  However, there is a problem when parents (the mature) constantly defer to the wishes of children (the immature).  The home then becomes child-led.


34.  Be very careful with humor.  Humor from parents should not come at the expense of children.  Something is wrong if dad or mom can be cruel and then try to justify what was said by declaring that they were "just joking."


35.  Vacations (whether a few days or a week) can be important bonding times for children and parents.  It is not about spending a lot of money or entertaining the children.  Vacations can be memory makers which can last for years.


36.  Kids need moral and spiritual training.  Basically, they need to know Jesus.  In fact, there is nothing children need to know more.


37. Both parents and their children need encouragement.  What a wonderful ministry for older, wiser Christians who long ago reared their children.  Parents can sometimes become very discouraged especially when they deal with their children during a difficult time of life.


38.  Make an intentional effort to point out the good you see in your children.  What you say today may be the only encouragement they have received the entire day.


39.  Teach children the importance of the decisions and the choices they make.  Far too many children grow up, focused on their sense of entitlement, instead of their need for wisdom to make good choices.


40.  As your children get older, make a real effort to stay connected with them.  At times, your best effort may seem futile.  Yet, making the effort at least communicates that you care.


41.  Remember what it is all about.  Far too many parents have said something like this:  "I know my son shouldn’t have left his wife and kids.  But I’ve never seen him happier since he moved in with ____.  After all, as long as he’s happy.  Isn’t that what its about?"  Uhhhh—not really.  I was not put here on this earth to do whatever I wish as long as it brings a smile to my face.  I was placed here to find happiness in God himself.

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3 thoughts on “41 Things Parents Ought to Know (Part 4 of 4)

  1. wow. really good good stuff. esp like #36 about knowing Jesus. amen. as a mum of 2 wee ones, i’ll be printing this list and having a deeper look, and maybe if okay, shaing it with our mum’s group at church. you’ve got a real gift of getting to the simple.