41 Things Married People Ought to Know (Part 2)


Are you married? Would you like to be married one day? The following is Part 2 of this series. (You can find Part 1 here.)

11.  Many women have a low perception of their body image. Television, movies, magazines all portray a certain type of female body to be desired. These women are tan, well endowed, and young. Meanwhile, many women often see such portrayals and perceive themselves as not measuring up. They see these images and conclude that their own body is inadequate.

12.  Wonderful, satisfying sex in marriage is not based on performance.Rather, such a sexual relationship is an outgrowth of an intimate relationship with one another. Far too many married couples put tremendous pressure on one another because of the performance view of sex. Pornography feeds such a view. Beware! When a person is using pornography, he will often see sex as something he “takes” in marriage instead of self-sacrificial intimacy.

13.  Many married couples have no idea how to handle their discretionary spending. Consequently, if the kids want something at the store and the parents know the money is in the bank, the kids get it. Meanwhile, the amount of credit card debt being accumulated by some couples is astounding. Many couples really have no idea how much they are actually spending each month.

14.  Husbands and wives need to think about practical ways to give their mates pleasurable moments in the relationship.Such pleasure does not begin in the bedroom, but in small thoughtful moments throughout the day.

15.  Some men and women are very angry people.This anger may be the result of unresolved issues with parents, siblings, or friends that may go back many years. Anger that is not dealt with has a way of spilling over into one’s marriage.

16.  Sex in marriage is enhanced by honesty and trust.It is difficult to let yourself go (sexually) when you or your mate has a pattern of deception.

17.  Many people say they wish to have a “Christian” marriage. This actually means that a husband and wife are allowing Christ to shape who they are both individually and as a couple.

18.  Husbands who are very passive can slowly drain the energy out of their marriage. Many guys are not mean, rude, or obnoxious. However, they are silent. These passive men put their wives in the position of always having to take the initiative. This can leave their wives feeling very much alone.

19.  Husbands and wives need to take the long view of things.This vision takes much persistence and prayer. A spouse might reflect on the question: “What kind of married person do I wish to be in ten years?”

20.  Decide that you will put positive energy into your marriage instead of draining the energy from your marriage.


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