41 Things Encouragers Ought to Know (part two of four)

coffee15.jpgThe following is a continuation of a list of 41 things that might be helpful to encouragers.  (See part one here.)

11.  An encourager often doesn’t set out to be an encourager.  Rather, this person may simply be fully present in someone’s life.  God has used many a person to encourage another who had no idea of the significance of his presence.

12.  An encourager builds instead of criticizes.  Yes, there are times when a person might have to express a real concern to another.  However, that is likely to be received much better if it is expressed in the context of a relationship built on encouragement.

13.  An encourager has a way of communicating value to another instead of communicating that the person is inadequate or "less than."

14.  An encourager never loses sight of what another is doing right.  Some people become so focused on another’s failings that the person is left feeling hopeless.

15.  An encourager helps people make comebacks after they have failed.  (Remember in Acts, the story of John Mark deserting the mission team?  Barnabas was willing to give him another chance and work with him.)

16.  An encourager understands that people are often encouraged in various ways at different times.  For example, sometimes the most encouraging thing one can do is to listen to another.

17.  An encourager may be outgoing and gregarious.  Or, this person may be a person of few words.  God can use a person to encourage through his or her own personality through a word, a smile, a hug, or any number of ways.

18.  An encourager learns the value of paying attention to another.

19.  An encourager attempts to be genuinely empathetic.  

20.  An encourager communicates hope.  Far too many people live in environments in which they are regularly reminded of the many, many reasons why they will probably fail.

What else would you add to this list?

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7 thoughts on “41 Things Encouragers Ought to Know (part two of four)

  1. Just wanted you to know that I really love your blog. I have a link to your blog on my list of blogs to check out. Keep up the great work.
    Mike Ellis

  2. Jim:I keep coming back to these posting on Encouragement. I working w/ language training and the number one issue that can set someone on track for learning a new language is encouragement. I would like to copy these into a document with your blog listed as the source to share with those we are training to learn new languages and cultures. May I do this?Blessings,Karen in AZ