41 Things Encouragers Ought to Know (part four of four)

coffee33.jpgThe following is the conclusion of a list I am calling: "41 Things Encouragers Ought to Know."   You can find part one here, part two here, and part three here.

31.  Encouragers need to know the power of listening.  Some people just need someone to listen.

32.  Encouragers need to know the power of paying attention to another.

33.  Encouragers need to know the power of Scripture.  Sometimes we just need to hear the promises of God from someone who genuinely cares.

34.  Encouragers need to know that even those who may appear to have it "all together" outwardly often need encouragement.

35.  Encouragers look at another’s genuine intention and not just their imperfections.

36.  Encouragers want others to do well and do not delight when others fail. 

37.  Encouragers are people who communicate hope when others feel like giving up.

38.  Encouragers add to the life of another instead of using them.  

39.  Encouragers love to see others overcome difficulties.

40.  Encouragers love to see reconciliation happen whether it is a marriage, friendship, or something else that has been broken.

41.  Encouragers lift up one who has been broken down by life. 

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4 thoughts on “41 Things Encouragers Ought to Know (part four of four)

  1. Thanks Jim. More good ideas here. The first one about listening is certainly near the top of my list. I sometimes substitute on the pickup team for our monthly Angel Food distribution (shameless plug: http://www.angelfoodministries.com).Last Saturday, as we split up into a few cars, I took the truck with an older friend, and the others called out "he’s gonna talk your ear off" to which I responded "I’m gonna listen his mouth off."

  2. Jim, I’m glad to see this list done. I’ve enjoyed reading over all of the "installments". 🙂 It’s something to read through, pray over, and pass on when God leads!Blessings,Karen in AZ