Are You Committed or Still Flirting with Another Way?

Most married people will say that commitment is critical in marriage.  However, some seem to still flirt with other possibilities. 

Some singles talk about the kind of marriage they want one day.  In the meantime, they date people solely on the basis of physical attraction.  Nothing wrong with physically attraction.  However, when this becomes the determining factor as to who someone dates, the next step is often rationalization.  After they begin dating, one may hear that “he/she is really a good person and has a good heart.”  Quite often this is based on what this other person is saying instead of the way he has been living.

Some men and women speak about how much the Lord means to them.  Yet, their lifestyles on the weekends may suggest that they are still flirting with the world.  What we talk about, how we spend our money and the quality of our friends often says much about who we really are.

Some Christians talk about being “all in” for Jesus.  Yet, some of us seem to show more interest than commitment.

All of this is a recipe for missing out on real joy.  Showing an interest in Jesus is just not the same as being committed.  Being interested in Jesus is not the same as discipleship.

Commitment really is a good word.

Commitment means the world to a marriage and to a child who looks to you as a dad or mom.  It means mom or dad is there and not going away.  It also means much to Jesus who has called you and me to follow him.