Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

Thinking about ministry? start-here-page.png

The Subtle Art of Sabotaging a Pastor by Jared Wilson.

Killing the clergy softly: Congregational conflict, job loss, and depression by David Briggs. (Thanks to Scot McKnight.) There is so much truth to this. I have seen it often, particularly in congregations that value peace above anything else. As a result, they allow immature and destructive behavior to continue.

Be an encourager today by Kevin Martineau. I can’t overemphasize the importance of this ministry.

Thinking about your life?

Extending the narrative by Seth Godin. A great post in which Seth Godin explains our attraction to what is safe.

Write Something Dangerous by Jeff Goins. Jeff specifically addresses writing but the principle is true on a number of fronts. Far too often, we play it safe, which in reality can be quite dangerous. Jeff’s advice:

Right now, you just need to write. Those rationalizations are good, old-fashioned stall tactics. They’re fear speaking, loud and clear. Everything will fall into its place. Trust me. Trust yourself. This will work. But only if you are brave. If you write dangerously.

Sticky faith by Drew Dyck. Notice the opening sentence to his post: My low point as a youth pastor came years after I quit.

7 Steps to Becoming a Happy Person Others Want to Be Around by Michael Hyatt. Sometimes gifted, resourceful people actually damage their own credibility by their attitude. In other words, they may have a great deal of knowledge but people don’t want to be around them because of their attitude. A post worth reading!