Places I’ve Been

What an excellent post by Jeff Berryman as he describes the human condition! He writes concerning the “broken heart.” This post really helped me think about the condition of the world. sangi.jpg

I have been blessed by reading Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed. I really like his new series Acts and Mission. There is something about reflecting on what God was doing through these early churches, as recorded in Acts, that has reminded me of some basic but critical elements of the Gospel.

Earlier today, I read a nice essay by Gary Thomas (author of Sacred Marriage) entitled “Soul Mates or Sole Mates: Making a Wise Marital Choice.” Thomas says many people embrace the notion of searching for their one true “soul mate.” They may actually be better served by valuing and using wisdom regarding seeking a potential mate.

Richard Mouw on a visit to Turkey in July and going to a Muslim circumcision party. “Turkish Delight?”

Michael Hyatt has written a very good post entitled, “Five Ways to Energize Your Team.” I continue to find much practical help regarding leadership from Michael Hyatt’s blog.

Interesting interview with Chip Heath and Dan Heath (Willow Creek Leadership Summit) on a variety of issues.

Again, Tony Morgan has a nice list of quotes from Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

This is a really good piece by Don Miller on self pity. I’m glad I read this! “Self Pity, How to be Downwardly Mobile.”

Anne Jackson had an interesting post this week, “One Thing You Would Tell the Church Leader/Pastor World.” Read through the comments. There were a few of these I really needed to read.

A brief but important observation by Mark Batterson on the value of books as virtual mentors.

I’m glad I read this today. Chris Brogan on “Simple Touchpoints of Loyalty.” Simple ways to focus on others.

John Ortberg on “Taste and See.” I like reading John Ortberg!

From Out of Ur, a video with Ed Stetzer on “Ministry Pornography” (on lusting after other pastors’ churches).