Fear Can Be Deadly


Fear can destroy.  It can destroy relationships.  Fear can cause you to get so wrapped up in your insecurities that you manipulate people in order to protect yourself.

Fear can be paralyzing.
  It has been said that when the Titanic sank, some of
the lifeboats were cut loose when they were nearly empty or half filled.  People in the water would grab onto the boats and some already in the boats would beat them off with their oars.  Fear can cause you to panic.  Fear has a way of paralyzing you so that you do not take risks.  You never take initiative.  You never do anything that you’ve not done before. 

Fear will rob you of your enthusiasm and your passion

I believe that moms and dads as well as Christian leaders must have a high degree of tolerance for others’ pain.  When parents have a low tolerance for pain, they will do anything to get their children out of pain.  Consequently, when that child throws a tantrum or whines you will do most anything to “alleviate his pain.”  That kind of parenting is rooted in weakness, not strength.  It is grounded in fear not courage.

Fear can kill the ministry of a church
.  It is easy to come to church and
spread fear instead of confidence in the Lord.  Satan uses bad news spread by joy robbers to defeat people.  We spread our anxiety instead of our God-given courage.  We can leave one another even more anxious than before we came together.

How sad when fear begins to rule God’s people.

• Fear of what people might say about me or to me.

• Fear of others’ disapproval.

• Fear of conflict.

• Fear of preaching what is true.

• Fear of trying something new.

• Fear of being different.

• Fear of failure.

• Fear of success.  (Then I could no longer make excuses and blame others.)

• Fear of others’ pain.

How to Deal With Fear

• Believe he is present and in the middle of your situation. Jesus can be trusted in times of great trouble.  He can be trusted, not because he alleviates our problems, but because he remains present with us in the midst of trouble.

Jesus is present in the anxious moments.  Being a Christian is not a guarantee that life will be peaceful.  Jesus will stay with us through whatever storm will come. 

God, in Christ, still suffers with his people. Jesus is not one who sits aloof while we suffer.   No, he is one who went to a cross, nails through his hands and feet, dying in a God-forsaken darkness.  Jesus too cried out in times of trouble and asked God why he had forsaken him.  God’s response was not to make his troubles go away.  God’s response was to be present with him and to be faithful to his promises.   The presence of Jesus means that no problem can ultimately defeat us. He is present with us in all of life’s ups and downs. Whatever happens, we confess that Jesus is Lord of all.

• Realize that God treasures you and is worthy of your trust.  You can rest in
the security of knowing God loves you.  You don’t have to be a bundle of nerves doing this or that.

• Face your fear head on – one step at a time.  Instead of approaching your
fear with “I don’t want to go there,” think about it.  Think about it in detail.  What is the worst thing that could happen?

• Develop a habit of praise and thanksgiving. Count your blessings and
pray.  Consider how God has been with you every step of the way.