Divine_appointmentDo recall a time when you talked with someone and you knew that it was a "divine appointment"?  That happened to me today.  A man walked into our Community Center while Upward Basketball was taking place.  He was an African-American male in his thirties, and was visibly upset.  Our visitor was tattooed, several necklaces around his neck, and muscular.  He had seen the cars at the Community Center and decided to come in.  This visitor did not live in Waco but had relatives here.  He was only eight months out of prison.

We slipped into a classroom to talk and pray.  After the first twenty minutes or so with him, I knew that this was a divine appointment.  No, he had not made an appointment with me.  I had never seen this man before.  He came in off the street.

I think God made this appointment.  I believe that God wanted me to have this conversation.  This man’s sorrow was real.  His sense of defeat was real.  His sense of failure over where his life had been before today was very real.  Here we were, in a room  next to  children playing basketball, talking about life, Jesus, and  hope.

I left that room feeling blessed.  Somehow, this man in his confusion and despair left me feeling encouraged.  In part, I felt so encouraged by seeing his sincerity and his deep sense of appreciation.

It kind of makes me wonder: Did I have any other divine appointments today?

  • Was it the couple from our community that I talked to for a few minutes at HEB today?
  • Was it the friend who I spent the afternoon with at the ball game?
  • Was it talking with my mother and dad on the telephone today?

Or, will it be someone tomorrow?

  • Will it be someone who will be visiting the church on Sunday?
  • Will it be a person to whom I will be sending an e-mail to?
  • Will it be a troubled person at the convenience store where I will stop for gas on the way to Abilene?  Does this person just need a smile?

Maybe I should remember that when I fill in my calendar for this month, God might have a few things that he has chosen to add.

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  1. This probably isn’t the place for this but it seems I am always chasing a kid down a hall when I see you these days. You ran into my neighbor Kris Gary the other day at some fast food place. She was very impressed and delighted that you still remember her name, since it was over two years ago that they visited Crestview. It meant a lot to her. Just thought you should know you made another “divine appointment” and probably didn’t know it! 🙂