10 Ways to Bless Your Children (Part 1)

children.jpgDo you have children?  Little children?  Adolescent children?  Adult children?  Or maybe you have no children at all.  (In fact, you may be thinking, "I’m barely out of childhood myself!")

I’m thinking about some ways to bless your children. You can probably think of others.

1.  Love them anyway.  Yes I know you love them.  Most of us parents adore our children — most of the time.  Yet, some parents have a way of regularly communicating to their children that they do not measure up.  I’m thinking now about the young girl who grew up in a family where she was seen as the dunce.  Now as a young woman, she continues to experience the same from her family.   Children need parents who will believe in them and no matter what will love them anyway.

2.  Prepare them for the battleground, not the playground.  Some parents constantly buy their children toys, gadgets, candy, McDonalds, etc.  The kids then get into their high school years and the pampering continues.  Only now, the toys are much more expensive.  What does that communicate to these children?

Meanwhile, other parents prepare their children for life on the battleground where a spiritual battle is taking place.  These parents realize that children need more than toys.  They need to be equipped for life so that they will survive the difficulties and trials they will face.

3.  Deal with your issues.  There are no perfect human beings.  Yet, if you don’t deal with your own issues (your sins, your insecurities, your feelings of inadequacy, etc.), these can impact your children.  They may end up having to deal with some of the very issues you would never grapple with.

4.  Take every opportunity to remind them of who they are in Christ.  They will, most likely, receive many false messages about their identity.  They will be told that their worth is based upon their academic record, their physical attractiveness, their charm, their ability to make money, etc.  You bless your children when you help them grow up with a sense of their real identity.

5.  Bless your children by giving them youThere is no substitute for your presence in their lives.  Your regular, consistent, emotional and physical presence means so much.  I have known a few parents who seem to see their child as one more activity on the list of things to be done for the day.  Yet one senses there is no real connection between parent and child.  Being attentive and giving one-on-one time are priceless gifts to children.

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19 thoughts on “10 Ways to Bless Your Children (Part 1)

  1. jim, I can certainly identify with #3. When our daughter was about 16, she began to get rebellious. As I was praying, the Lord spoke to me saying, "What do you expect? You have never repented of your rebelliousness." Believe me, I hit the ground on my knees immediately. I had been carrying my 60’s rebellion as a  badge. No more, not once I saw what it was doing to my kids. Praise God for His deliverance! James

  2. With three young children, I forget so easily that what my kids need most is ME. They need me to take a break from the laundry and play UNO. I get so caught up in the day-to-day work of it all, sometimes I forget the whole relationship thing.

    Thanks for the reminder today!

  3. First, let me just say this for all who read your blog. Just to show us you can do it, why not post a not-so-good blog like the rest of us do? Just one?? :)Excellent! When our daughter was in early elementary school, there were many children in her class who lived in blended families and that confused her. I remember she came home one afternoon and asked us if we would ever leave one another and she would have to live with another family. That broke my heart for the children who were making those adjustments (and many times an adjustment for the better!). We assured her she wouldl always come home to her mom and dad. Later, in college, she shared that in one of her sociology classes and called to thank us for keeping our promise as that had given her great stability.I share that to say what we all know, we bless our children greatly by loving our spouse unconditionally, intentionally, and consistently. 

  4. hi jim i hope you dont mind this but how do i unsubscribe form the comments the link in the email that takes me to unsubscribe shows  404 errorI just wnted to know the nswer to my question so i subscribed to this post:-) phiip  

  5. Robyn,How easy it is to get involved in day to day responsibiliies and need a wake up call.  I’ve been there.  Thanks for your comment.  I think many can relate. 

  6. L.L.That is a good one.  Our children often teach us a lot.  Sometimes, they teach us much about ourselves.  Thanks! 

  7. Greg,(You always have something in your comments or posts that make me smile)…What a wonderful story about your daughter.  She is so blessed to have parents like you and Janice. Your comment is a reminder of how our children often reap blessings from our covenant keeping.

  8. Hi jim, I am still getting the emails. Coming to think of it, I dont mind them, bec it subscribes me to only this thread. But for web,master purposes i guess you would want a properly configured subscription manager in place . Blog onPhilip 

  9. I just finish talking to my daughter how important her school is and she was telling me how important her social life is. I Finlay told her to view life as a holistic approach. after reading the passage I learned the important of having self worth .

  10. Thankyou for this article, I have a lot of work to do in my childrens life. That work is prayer and showing love. Being patient and understanding.

    • Peggy, thank you for your comment. Your children are blessed to have a mother who is willing to do this kind of work.