10 Useful Places

These are in no particular order.  These are ten of the most useful pieces of software or sites I have found.

1.  Backpack is a very useful tool for personal organization.  If you follow David Allen’s Getting Things Done, it can be very useful and adaptable.  I have been using this for about two months.

2.  You might want to look at Last FM.  I listen to music at this site two or three days a week.

3.  I enjoy del.icio.us.  This is a wonderful way to organize bookmarks, favorite websites, or documents.  Note mine on the right hand bar.

4.  Visual mind is a piece of software from Norway that has really helped me as I try to think through a project of some kind.  It offers a very helpful way to see your ideas.  In particular, it has been helpful to me as I have contemplated the "big picture" of something.

5.  I enjoy Itunes.  It is an easy way to get to podcasts. 

6.  I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox for a long time.  A wonderful browser.

7.  I have an individual membership to the American Theological Library Association site which enables me to access articles from many, many journals.  A wonderful site! 

8.  I find The Library Thing to be very interesting.  This would be a wonderful place to have all of my books recorded.  I wish I had begun recording them about twenty-five years ago.

9.  For some reason, I continue to return to Life Hacker.  I’m not really sure why.  I usually see one piece that interests me and I won’t be back for a week or two.  But, I keep coming back.

10.  I enjoy Best Book Buys.  For quite sometime, I would automatically buy from Amazon.  Now I often check this site just to make sure Amazon is the best price for the book I am buying.  This site compares book prices from a number of sites.

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3 thoughts on “10 Useful Places

  1. Wow, Jim.  You’re way more wired, connected, whatever, than I am.  I DO know about Itunes.  One of the free podcasts that you can subscribe to on Itunes is "NPR Religion."  I think the radio show airs on Saturdays.  Anyway, when you subscribe, then it automatically downloads over the weekend or on Monday.  If there was a segment dealing with religion on something like "All Things Considered," then you get that too in the same podcast.  It usually runs about 8-20 minutes.   I think it’s a good, quick way for church leaders to keep up current religious events.