10 Things I Don’t Have Time For


Does it ever pass quickly!

Today, I am looking into the eyes of my infant grandson.
Today, I am talking with his mother, our 28-year-old daughter.
Today, I am having a conversation with our 23-year-old daughter about her upcoming wedding.

Next week, I will get another haircut. I will ask the stylist the question I often ask: “Does it look like I have even more gray?” She will answer as she usually does: “Be thankful you have hair.”

End of that conversation.

All of this reminds me that I don’t have time for some things.

1. I don’t have time to waste on things that don’t matter….I have plenty of time for the things that count.

2. I don’t have time to get moody, self-centered, and irritable….I do have time to love my wife and children.

3. I don’t have time to wallow in the past at what might have been….I do have time to focus on what God wants to do in my life today.

4. I don’t have time to play self-importance games (Whom do you know? What kind of house do you live in? What have your kids accomplished? What are you driving?)….I do have time to build up others and forget myself.

5. I don’t have time to coddle worldly, immature Christians whose idea of church is getting their way….I have plenty of time to love fellow Christians who may express a variety of opinions.

6. I don’t have time to be a peacemonger (doing whatever it takes to keep others from getting upset)….I do have time to be a peacemaker (loving people no matter what).

7. I don’t have time to play it safe. My life will soon be over….I do have time to risk. I can trust God who has promised to never leave me or forsake me.

8. I don’t have time to whine and blame others for being obstacles….I do have time to take responsibility for my own actions and behavior.

9. I don’t have time to complain and focus on the negative….I do have time to speak a word of hope to people who are overwhelmed by heartache.

10. I don’t have time to settle for the mediocre….I do have time to be passionate about what matters most to God.


Time is moving quickly. What do you have time for this week?

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13 thoughts on “10 Things I Don’t Have Time For

  1. Jim,
    So true. I am teaching leadership at SPBC in New Zealand for three weeks and I think I will share this with the class.