10 Kinds of Amazing People

Jamie and Cal told us about it and a few weeks ago we finally went to Mutts Amazing Hot Dogs in Oklahoma City. The menu is incredible.   

(My hot dog, “The Windy City Dog,” is on the far right.)

The sign is right; these hot dogs are amazing.


Yet, I am even more grateful to be able to witness some amazing people.

1. Husbands and wives who are committed to one another and Jesus and who find joy even as they work through their marital issues.

2. People who are generous with their money, supporting good works and ministries that bless people on the margin.

3. Ministers who are relentless about growing and learning though they have served in their roles for many years.

4. Men and women who keep abreast of the important political issues of the day yet temper their conversations regarding these issues with wisdom and grace.

5. Couples in their 20s who are getting serious about Jesus, serving him through their work and mission trips and volunteering with ministries that serve disadvantaged neighborhoods.

6. Teenagers who spend their spring break serving the poor and giving their time to others instead of going where they could relax and do what they wanted for fun.

7. Men who grow up, refusing to remain little boys, and model kingdom living before their families.

8. People who are incredibly grateful to God though life has been rough and extraordinarily painful at times.

9. Family members who care for chronically or even terminally ill loved ones, often foregoing their own plans and preferences.

10. Mothers and dads who care for their special needs children with grace though it is exhausting and often incredibly difficult.

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5 thoughts on “10 Kinds of Amazing People

    • Thanks very much Cindy. I suspect there are many other examples that could be listed here. You are right. We have much to be grateful for.

    • Thanks Phillip. Good point. While I was actually thinking about some particular married couples when I wrote that, it really needs to be extended to all those in their 20’s.

  1. Great list, Jim. I’d add retired saints who do more in service to the after 65 than most of us before 65. I love the examples of people who don’t see the later years as ” just me time” or as one cynical British comedy puts it, “waiting for God.” I’ve been privileged to have many of of these people in my life.